The smallest stand-alone trigger in the world can fire

The smallest stand-alone trigger in the world can fire the largest thyristor you would ever use!


  • Replaces pulse transformers and associated components
  • No gate drive power supply needed
  • A 12mA control signal is the only requirement
  • For line voltages from 100 - 2 500Vac
  • All modules have optically-isolated inputs (5KV, VDE0884)
  • Capable of triggering amplifying-gate thyristors
  • Units for triggering two thyristors for DC/AC control
  • Units for triggering one thyristor via fibre-optic cable
  • Will trigger under any load conditions
  • Connects directly to the outputs of microcontrollers, microprocessors, CPLDs and FPGAs.

Typical applications include:

Controlled rectifiers and DC drives, AC controllers, AC Drives, Softstarters, Zero-cross switching in heaters and welders, Power factor correction, high power Solid State Relays, Electrostatic precipitators, HVDC electricity transmission, in fact, WHEREVER a thyristor is used.

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