The question of cost

The cost of the conventional trigger circuit consists of the pulse transformer and all associated circuitry, the additional size of the power supply, the additional printed circuit board area, acquisition costs, inventory costs and labour. Adding all this and comparing the Active Trigger Unit with a system of equivalent performance for a 400 - 690V ac line, then the cost factor becomes relevant specially when considering low leakage inductance high performance pulse transformers. A further advantage is gained when a 1200V unit can be used.

A factor often overlooked is the implication of simplicity of a design and the possibility of using the same design for a multitude of purposes. It is convenient to know that the Active Trigger Unit performs perfectly well in all possible applications ranging from a few kilowatts up to more than 2 megawatts. A standardised design has many practical advantages over non-standardised systems, which lead to indirect not easily measurable cost savings.

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