Question of Size

For equal performance, the Active Trigger Unit saves at least 50% of space in comparison with standard pulse transformer technology. This space saving takes into consideration the practical layout of the board where minimum track separation for conformance to VDE standards is observed. In addition the increased size of the power supply and all the drive circuitry adds to the space. Power resistors or hot power transistors must be kept at some distance from other components. With Active Trigger Units it is possible to design a complete soft starter or a controlled rectifier including its own power supply on a single 100x160mm Eurocard. This becomes particularly impressive when one considers that the same card can control a small 5KW rectifier or a 2MW soft starter.

From a practical point of view, size is important, because a smaller unit has much greater mounting flexibility than a large unit thus having indirect favourable cost implications. An aesthetic construction, which is facilitated by the Active Trigger Unit, makes the product more attractive to the customer.

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